with Ann Scherm Baldwin
Here are the links to some pages I created for a few of my students, to show off the beads they made in class. Unfortunately, it is time consuming to put together these pages, so I don't do them for every student... It's pretty much hit or miss, depending on whether I have the time after class, and remember to take pictures when the students are here! Here are some of the pages I did create, to give you an idea of the types of beads that beginners can make in a two day class. (Oh, and an intermediate class thrown in, for luck)

I think it is inspiring to see the wonderful beads that can be made when you have determination, patience, a positive attitude, and, well.... good instruction. It's fun, too, to see that there are as many different kinds of beadmakers as there are styles of beads!
Of course, it's always fun to read about other beadmakers, isn't it? (One of the common traits of beadmakers is that they are usually insatiably curious...)

My very first student...
 Tina The Swedish Tiger!

Adventures in Beadland with Java Joanie

 Barb's Beautiful Beads  

Angela's Roasty Toasty Beads

 Charlotte: Woman On A Mission

Guera Loca - That Crazy Barb C!

 Meet Hala!

Sharon's Journey
(intermediate instruction)

One of my students offered to write a review of Beginning Beadmaking from a student's perspective.
Here's what Brenda says:

I have just completed a two day beginner's class with Ann, and have come away feeling like I can become a beadmaker. Ann is organized, thorough, and enthusiastic about teaching. Her class flows naturally from the use of equipment to hands on bead making. She guides you through all of the steps from heating the glass to placing the bead in the kiln.

We covered encasing beads, making latticino and stringer, using goldstone, creating poked eye beads, dots, swirls, and fish, plus lots of other needed information. We talked about different types of glass and tools, safety issues and how to avoid stress cracks in beads. All of this plus a great lunch. I don't think Ann charges enough for her time, and I especially appreciated her patience.

Thanks Ann, for a wonderful experience!!

Brenda Ziemian
Ocean Grove, NJ
May, 2001

And here are some of Brenda's beautiful beads from day two of beginning beadmaking.
From left to right:
feathering, poked bubbles, encased millefiore, latticino and goldstone
Recently, I did three days of Intermediate instruction with Sharon Younkers, of Redding, California. She offered to give her perspective on the benefits of intermediate instruction:

"After a year of frustration with my bead making, since I perceive myself as a slow learner, I decided I needed some one-on-one teaching. I just spent 3 days over the Labor Day weekend with Ann "Schermo" and WOW what a great experience. Ann met all of my expectations and more.

Day one we dedicated to shaping the bead, heat control, reading the glass, moving the glass, stringer - all of the basics I had been attempting on my own by reading the WC! forum, Corina's book, and some videos. The personal attention made all of the difference. Found out I was holding my hands in an awkward position and too far out on the mandrel. I still tend to drift back to old ways, but today I am putting a stopper on the end of my mandrel, so when I feel it, I will move back in. It makes such a big difference.

Day two we did frit, powders, and dichro. I always burned my dichro, but I now have a very sparkly bead I love. Can't wait to try it on my own, but I now have the confidence it will be beautiful. Day three we made hollows and vessels. I had never even tried these before. What fun they are.

I loved the way Ann would explain each move she made as she was demonstrating a bead. I actually felt like I could do it when it was my turn. Ann is a great cheer leader. She has sucessfuly turned my negative attitude into an "I can do this" attitude. I want to thank Ann for her patient teaching and encouragement. You have to be a great teacher to take this ugly duckling and make her feel like a swan."

Sharon Younkers
Redding, CA
September , 2004

Here is the page I created to showcase Sharon's beads from her class:
Sharon's Journey