Meet Hala !


 Hala is a college student, studying Art, planning to major in Jewelry design. At 19, she is already an accomplished metalworker, and brought along some of her beautiful jewelry to show me. She has had a long standing love affair with beads, and wanted to add glass beadmaking to her portfolio.

See, I told you it's fun playing with fire !

Hala meets and conquers
the Hot Head torch

Hala showed a real affinity for working in hot glass. She made some amazing beads for someone who had never done this before !

Yes, these are some of her first beads !
(click on images to see a more detailed picture)




If you'd like to see more of Hala's finished jewelry,
here's a link to her website:

SilverMoon Jewelry by Hala Al-Shawaf

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