Wonky Beads have an Animal Attraction !

Wonky Beads have a certain animal attraction that beadmakers have been aware of for many years. Oh, sure, lots of people have put them on the bottom of the aquarium, but Wonky Beads aren't just for fish ! Other critters love them too !

  Wonky Beads are a pet's best friend !


 Here's my buddy, Turtellini, going for a swim at Wonky Bead Beach.
Turtellini LOVES how these Wonky Beads brighten up his tank. They catch the eye, and bring visitors closer, the better to admire his handsome shell, and noble profile.

Don't go reaching for any of Turtellini's Wonky Beads, though. He doesn't like to share his Wonky Beads !

 Addendum for the humor impaired:
This segment of the website is intended as SATIRE and not to be taken seriously.
Please do not attempt to use beads in any of the manners suggested if common sense
dictates it could cause harm to people, animals or property.
If you have no common sense to rely on, then just don't do it. It's probably a bad idea.
And before you even think about sending me email about cruelty to animals, my turtle happens to LIKE beads.

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