Wonky Beads Save Mother Earth !

Wonky Beads are ecologically sound ! You don't throw them away, you just reuse them. Practice the three R's with your unwanted Wonky Beads: Reduce your water bill and Reuse your beads by Recycling them as ballast in your toilet tank. Yes, what a splendid idea. The REALLY Ugly ones (sometimes known as "fuglies" in beadmaker lingo) can be put in a container to displace water, thereby cutting your monthly water bill to practically nothing ! Just THINK of all the glass rods you can buy with the money you save ! You'll really be FLUSH !

  Wonky Beads can help beautify your bathroom,
and save you money too !

 A container full of Wonky Beads adds a unique (and frugal!) decorative element to any powder room.

You're sure to be the talk of the town when your friends sneak a peek in your tank !


 Martha Stewart will be really jealous that I thought of this idea first !!


 Addendum for the humor impaired:
This segment of the website is intended as SATIRE and not to be taken seriously. Please do not attempt to use beads in any of the manners suggested if common sense dictates it could cause harm to people, animals or property.
If you have no common sense to rely on, then just don't do it. It's probably a bad idea.
And don't say I didn't warn you. I will NOT be held responsible for your plumbing bills if you try this !

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