Do It Yourself
Wonky Bead Massager !

 After a long day at the torch, who wouldn't like to have a nice, sensual back massage ?
Now you can !! And it's so simple ! Even a Newbie could do it !

Simply take a half dozen or so of your bumpiest Wonky Beads, thread them on a clean mandrel,
(and we all have plenty of those on hand, don't we?) and grip each end firmly.
Now you're ready to give your loved one a Wonky Bead Massage !

Oooooooh, someone get out the strawberry flavored Bead Release !!
It's Wonky Bead Massage time !!

Make your own Wonky Bead Massager !


Our model actually enjoyed the massage so much, she fell asleep !

Well, okay, she does that alot.... 


 The more bumps, the better, where Wonky Bead Massage is concerned !

Be careful not to bend your mandrels; WonkyBeads are okay - Wonky Mandrels are not. Besides, I don't have time to make a Wonky Mandrel Website this month.

 Addendum for the humor impaired:
This segment of the website is intended as SATIRE and not to be taken seriously. Please do not attempt to use beads in any of the manners suggested if common sense dictates it could cause harm to people, animals or property.
If you have no common sense to rely on, then just don't do it. Simple as that.

This idea, however, is okay for you to try at home. It actually feels good, and you probably can't hurt yourself doing it. Skip the strawberry flavored bead release, however. That part was a joke. Duh!

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