Wonky Beads can help your Golf Game !

 Golf is a lot like beadmaking - It's important to be aware of your body. Unlike beadmaking, you've got to keep your head down; something most duffers struggle with. So, here's another handy use for Wonky Beads, and those pantihose you no longer need, now that you're spending so much time behind the torch, wearing denim instead of Dior. Turn them into a Wonky Bead Head Handler, for the Golfer in your life. So simple to make, and

Don't get TEE'D off !
Use the Wonky Bead Head Handler !


 It's so simple - take equal amounts of Wonky Beads and distribute them in both toes of your pantihose.
(Hint: Reinforced toes will give longer life to your Head Handler !)

Sling the legs of your head handler over either shoulder, and knot at a comfortable length behind the neck.

Grab your clubs and get ready to be a real swinger on the course !

 ** Make sure he tucks the extra hose down his shirt, so the other golfers don't make fun of him !  **

(oh heck - look what he's wearing - of course they're going to make fun of him !)

Hanging the Handler Hose more to one side than the other can help correct your swing !


Another Tip from our Pro:

Wonky Beads are excellent for practicing your putts, drives and chip shots. They're easier to find in sand traps, they fly higher and straighter than conventional golf balls, and of course, they bounce real high if they've been properly annealed !


 Addendum for the humor impaired:
This segment of the website is intended as SATIRE and not to be taken seriously. Please do not attempt to use beads in any of the manners suggested if common sense dictates it could cause harm to people, animals or property.
If you have no common sense to rely on, then just don't do it. It's probably a bad idea.

Do not, I repeat - DO NOT ever use lampwork beads in place of golf balls, or I'll come after you myself !

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