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 Now, let's play with Hot Glass !

You can click on any of the pictures if you want to see a larger image, but please don't click directly on the flame.....
......I just hate the smell of burnt mouse.


Let me show you step by step how I make a bead.

First, I light the torch. This picture shows just the propane flame, before I add the oxygen. In the next picture, you'll see how adding the oxygen intensifies, and narrows the flame.


In this picture, I am heating up the glass rod by poking it quickly in and out of the flame vertically. At the same time (don't try this unless you're skilled at rubbing your head and patting your tummy... )
I am also heating the mandrel lower down in the flame by pulling it back and forth horizontally.

If your glass rod gets too hot too quick, it will thermal shock and pieces of hot glass go flying all over the place ! OUCH ! ANOTHER good reason to wear your safety glasses !


I've heated the white glass rod, and I'm now winding it around the preheated mandrel, above the flame.

The different colors of glass do funny things when they melt.... white turns transparent, red turns black, orange turns red..... You have to have a good memory for what you're doing when you work with hot glass !


Using the graphite pad on top of my torch, I shape my white into a nice uniform barrel. Once I have my white base bead the shape I want it, I melt transparent teal in preparation for applying it to the white.

Notice the bright ball of sodium flare surrounding my white bead being held in the flame. This is all you would see if you weren't wearing your rose didymium shades !

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