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 Welcome to My Bead Studio !

Come on in..... I'll give you the grand tour !


The pictures are small, but the studio is big.
Click on the pictures to see a larger image for better detail. 

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 At the request of my students and a couple of internet voyeurs, I have another page of more detailed pictures of my studio set - up:



 This space intentionally left blank.


I have better things to do than sit here and amuse you, ya know!

There's BEADS to be made !!


Here's my workbench.

The kiln is on the left, the torch centrally located, and my glass and tools on the right.

Notice my ventilation hood above the work space. Ventilation is very important.

Off to the right, you can see my oxygen tank. The propane is outside.

This is how I used to store my glass rods.

I primarily use Italian Moretti glass. I store the clear and dichroic glass in mason jars. I keep a small inventory of glass rods and supplies for sale to students and local beadmakers, so now the glass is kept in a trunk on wheels!. I'll have to get a picture of that!


I bet you're wondering about the fairy, aren't you ?

She is an original work of art done by my British friend, Jacqui Barrett, a muralist. She keeps me company, and helps me work my magic. Now if only I could get her to stop sprinkling that fairydust all over the workbench.....



This is me, working at the torch.

You can see my glass rods behind me, as well as one of the most important pieces of equipment in my studio: My CD player. I can't make beads without music !!


These are stringers and latticino cane.

You heat glass rods 'til they're molten, then take them out of the flame and pull them to make thin "stringers" to decorate with. That's how you get the fine detail.

Latticino cane are made from several rods which are melted and twisted together to make beautiful striped patterns.


Just so you know you got the complete tour.. everything including the kitchen sink.

Okay, the garage sink.

Across from my workbench is a sink where I can clean out my beads, and wash my glass rods. A beadmaker's chores are never done, it seems. Now you know why I have dishpan hands.


 Want to see it in person ?  
Yes, I do give LIVE studio tours and demos. If you're going to be in the Virginia Beach area and would like to stop by, please email me and we'll see if it can be arranged.