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Welcome to my website. My name is Ann Scherm Baldwin,
and I make Art Glass Beads and Jewelry, and also teach the art of Glass Beadmaking

I make beads in my home studio by melting glass rods in the flame of a torch and winding the glass around a metal mandrel, which has been coated with a release agent. This process is also called Lampworking, or wound glass, and dates back many centuries (but I've only been doing it for 11 years!). It's a mesmerizing and fascinating process. You can find out more about How Lampwork Glass Beads Are Made by clicking on the link.

I am also a Beadmaking Instructor, and I teach classes in my home studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I love working one on one with people, teaching to each individual's strengths, so most of my classes are individual instruction. However, I do have four torches, and can accomodate up to four students at a time. To find out more about taking a class with me, please see the Classes page.

The purpose of this website is not just to sell beads; In fact I'm pretty bad about keeping that part updated! I am passionate about educating people on how these miniature works of art are created, promoting the renaissance of modern art glass beadmaking, and opening people's eye to the miniature worlds trapped in glass. I hope you'll be intrigued enough to explore the website, and find out more. (There are also some funny parts, if you look hard enough.)

Best Beady Regards, Ann

Yes... sigh. My website needs updating. I know... I know.....

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How Lampwork Glass Beads Are Made
A Beadmaker's Best Sales Resource

You know how difficult it is to describe to someone who has never seen a glass bead being made, exactly what it is that you do with glass rods and flame?
This handy pocket photo album allows a Beadmaker to show in words and pictures the equipment, materials and process to your friends, familyand customers!
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