Schermo's Friends, Family and Random Pictures !

Now I'm going to get myself in trouble with a whole bunch of people.
Whoopie. I'm not scared. (Okay. Maybe just a little... payback is hell.)
Here are some pictures from the Digital Camera Vault, that have been patiently waiting for a webpage.
Well, here you have it! All the creatures and critters that make my life worthwhile.

Helpful Hint: Click on thumbnails to see the pictures full size

My Homies
Rahrah B

Sarah in Scotland

The Happy Couple (of nerds)

Sarah doing what she does best

Rambo Sarah


Princess Ashrah

Ashley doing what she does best

A common occurance

Sumo Ashley
My Brown Eyed Girl

Soon to join the Tribe

The Happy Sock Monkeys

Watching the master at work

He's actually not bad... for a Guy

ScherMom supervises

The Fur Babies

Milo and Princess
(the Other Princess)

Milo as a young Bead Cat

Milo and his new friend

Milo doing what he does best

The new cat on the block

Jasmine, doing what she does best


John and Sarah at Loch Ness,
in Scotland

Loch Ness Baldwin


Mom getting Annealed!
(Sorry... it's Sarah's idea
of a bead joke!)

The Queen of the Universe,
in her chambers

Good help is hard to find

So, you take the pliers and...


Fabulous Friends
Her Majesty, Queen Emily of McKillip
(and loyal subject, Sir Milo of Raspytongue)

Milo is NOT amused!
Okay, now he is

What happens at The Gathering... should stay at The Gathering
Me and the lickable Sharon McPeters

With Jeribead and Dr. Fab
New Jersey, New Years 2004 / 2005
Smurfette Libby - My first Apprentice...
Until she moved to Dubuque, that is.
Hey, Libby ... what WERE you thinking??

... And the Pictures they didn't want you to see...

Gotta get my exercise...


The Fumigator!


Justin's bead education started at an early age
You don't even want to know... Is it safe to go in the bathroom yet?

The Beads

The Fun Never Ends...